Wednesday, May 4, 2011

iSi Thermowhip

Again it has been a long time and I have had this week's tool for a long time now. A friend of mine sold it to me, unused on the cheap and I thank her for it. Now what was I doing, I will show you:
Top Chef...on the right, I'm just easy on the eyes, girls tell your friends
I was in the city last week working with Chef Richard Blais, the Winner of Top Chef All-Stars. Now, how do these two stories relate? I had this tool, I knew he was going to work with one that night, and I had him show me tricks and tips. He used it to make a warm brown whipped butter sauce. I am using it to make an interesting dessert. First off, here is the tool:
There it is, ooooo shiny and new and you guessed it! We are making HOT MEXICAN CHOCOLATE MOUSSE! Wait, how did you guess that? Are you in my house? Or do I have some sort of Matrix probe thingy in my eye is should know about? I am going to go take the red pill and use the Roomba to remove it. Give me a minute....*blood spatter. Ok, ready? Lets do this. Quickly because I am going to pass out.
Place 1 pint of Half n Half and spices in a sauce pot, I recommend 5 or 6 cinnamon sticks (I know there is 3, but I had not made this before so I am learning too) and 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper. Place it on the stove at high heat and bring it just to a simmer, keep an eye on it because this will boil over fast. Remove it, immediately from the heat and slap a lid on it and count to 900 or just set your timer for 15 minutes that should be easier. At this time also start a pot of water, filled half way, simmering on the stove over medium heat.
I am not sure why Google rotates my images, why Google why?
While you are steeping combine 3 oz of sugar (I used turbanado because it has more flavor than white but you can use either, racist) and 6 egg yolks of the large variety. Whisk them quickly together to combine until they are light and fluffy and they look like this:
Its so light and fluffy! See the ribbon that is what you are looking for...did you start your water?
It is all fluffy and ready to go, and if you have timed it right your half and half is infused. Strain it into something you can pour from. Slowly temper it into the egg mixture, I am not going to explain that to you. Oh fine, whisking quickly slowly drizzle the milk in, you are slowly warming the eggs up. When it is hot you can add the liquid faster. If you added it all at once you would make scrambled eggs and you do not want that, or do you? That is just weird, get off my site.
You started that pot of water I told you about right?
Place the bowl over simmering water, I also told you to use a metal bowl right? Whisking constantly stir until the mixture froths up and starts to thicken, if you have a thermometer you are looking for 180F. If not the froth on top will look denser and slightly shiny, pull it immediately and continue stirring. Add 4 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips and and 1 tsp of vanilla extract. Stir constantly to melt all the chocolate, it should look like this:
My whisk is broken...but I cannot find another one like this. I am stubborn
Let it sit for a little bit, go pre-treat the canister. First, make sure you have the hot O ring in the canister. That would be the red one they give you in the box. Then fill the container up with hot water and drain, not once, but twice. This will make the inside hot so the mix will not get cold when it touches the metal. Drain it, shake it to get all the water out pour the mixture in. If you look really closely inside you can see the fill line. You really need to stare to find it, so locate it before you add anything. Fill to that line, you will have extra, I am sorry, just eat it, pour it on your head, throw it at passers by, I honestly don't care. Put on the nozzle and then:
Charge it with two CO2 canisters. Then screw on the safety cover cap and shake it for 1 minute. Now here is where it gets interesting because up to this point, I have no idea if this will work...if I fail I will die alone so no pressure. Lets do this:

I am not much of a videographer but I had to show you real time texture and temperature. I must admit I am impressed, it actually worked and it held its shape for a long time. I WIN, I feel kinda empty still. Maybe some garnish.
A cinnamon stick, all better
Now, you can use this to make whipped cream, parfait, soda, soda parfait, carbonated fruit, or even bubbled tempered milk chocolate. This system works well, if you put something in here and run out of gas, crack open another one. There are NO2 and CO2 tanks, NO2 makes smaller bubbles and works better for whipping fats and CO2 works better with water bases. This is not a cheap item, about $130, I paid less, way less. I can tell you, this is the whipping canister you want. The cheaper ones are not worth it, this is the standard. Also make sure you clean it well, this is an expensive piece of equipment do not break it.Think of this as a thermos with a spray nozzle on it. Have fun, do not splode yourself. I will say, isi, kudos again, first your Twist-n-Sparkle (just sounds like a fabulous dance move) and now this. I have to go stop the bleeding from the Matrix probe and I am not really sure what that red pill was.