Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Howard's Onion Juice and Garlic Juice

I am back. I must currently admit, for the average consumer of food products the amount of "inspiring" items out there is very slim. Shame on  you inventors, quit making my iPod smaller and how bout making cryo-vac machines cheaper, or the size of an iPod nano that would be an interesting article. I came upon the onion and garlic juices earlier last week on the old Food Network. It was some show where the host was watching some guy make a marinade, he began by pouring in a gallon of what he called "onion juice". He never described it, he just said "if you aren't from this area you wouldn't know". I checked my map, I am not from his area, I didn't know, I moved on.
I spent days looking for something to write about. I was furious, I could not find a thing, oh look a waffle maker that makes cupcakes that taste like steaks. No wait, I am blinded by rage and I am hallucinating. I give up, I am going to the liquor store which happens to be across the street from a grocery store. Set out on a mission to buy pickle making supplies I walk down the aisles and see these two little guys. "A replacement for fresh and dried garlic" ok I will play.
These are not just juices, apparently they are more like brines; the respective aromatic, white vinegar, and salt. I had thought what the guy had used in the show was just juiced onions, which I had done before for tofu marinades (don't ask). This seemed more like a regional thing, an actual product that could be purchased. I will play how to use it? Dressings? I am angry I don't want lettuce. Sauce? Keep it simple, I need something to put sauce on too much work I am lazy. What should I use....hmmmmmm...BINGO
I do not just buy the super lean stuff that most markets try to sell, I found this blend. This is "meatloaf blend": veal, pork, and beef. Good fat content, nice color, good bind, I will credit these butchers they did good work on this blend. I am going to keep this simple and just lightly flavor it, so here you go
1 1/2 lb meat, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 2 tsp each garlic juice and onion juice
This is simple stuff, no mango chutneys with apricot foam and parsley gelee, I want seared meat. So I make patties.
I know you know how to make patties, hopefully. I just like to take pictures because they take up space
Great sear, I credit the butcher, hopefully they taste great
I am going to eat this plain, no buns or sauces. I want to taste what I put into these little guys, also yes I froze 3 of them. I have a gluttony problem, I should have been in SE7EN, WHAT'S IN THE BOX?
Ok, I over cooked them, not too badly, they're still juicy
Wait, that is a pork and veal blend, they will not stay pink unless raw especially ground. I may have cooked them right, I taste. BAM! Wow! This is tasty. Onion and garlic, are not strong flavors but there is a level of meatiness umami (see previous blogs) that make me giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl. Nom Nom Nom, OMG LOL MSG! PIKACHU!. That is a great burger, I can tell it is not just the straight meat I am tasting. I am definitely tasting the additives. This is nice.
These little vials do not just add in a flavor of onions and garlic, they add a savory aromatic flavor that is hard to replicate using raw ingredients in a pinch. I would highly recommend a line chef having this just laying around, if needed in a pinch, or make it a standard. The home cook use it as a flavor kick and impress your friends. I am not suggesting replacing the real thing, to get the strongest flavor and texture use those, for an additive use these. Order them online, they are quite pleasant. This is a good discovery, I am no longer mad, until I go looking for my next big find.

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